GSMA completes IOT event for RCS in Madrid

The GSMA has completed its GSMA interoperability (IOT) event for Rich Communication Services (RCS), called ‘Project Meta: RCS implementation and quality initiative’. The event was spread over a 5 week period from June 25th, 2012 to July 27th, 2012.

The event was organized by the GSMA with the technical support from Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone and took place in Madrid in Spain.

The test fest was focused on two main work streams, a technical stream to resolve issues that had been identified during testing and a product one to improve the user interface. The technical work stream confirmed interoperability between different RCS devices and clients, as well as to the three Spanish networks. It also confirmed a convergence between the different RCS networks. At the same time, each participant of the event gained insights in to possible improvements in the quality of the RCS implementation either on client side or network side.

The GSMA said that 2,034 tests were executed, 73% of them with positive result.

“Such activities demonstrate the close human link between manufacturers and operators, making more collaborative the relationships between them. Working hand in hand, day by day together, operators and manufacturers (and their development teams) in the same room, has demonstrated the degree of progress that can raise up reach and effectiveness of the work,” said Adolfo Gutiérrez Ocaña, from Telefonica.

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