Google’s next streaming player will reportedly run Android

After trying to establish the Chromecast and later Chromecast Ultra as affordable, flexible streaming devices, the company is now focused on pushing Android TV into more living rooms. According to 9to5Google, Google is currently working on a follow-up to the Chromecast Ultra. But this time Android TV will be the software that powers it. And like its main competitors  Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV  Google will now bundle a remote with the device.

Google’s next streaming player will reportedly run Android TV and come with a remote

Instead of presenting customers with menus and built-in streaming apps like Netflix as Roku and Amazon do the Chromecast has always relied on consumers taking the step to cast audio and video content from their mobile phones or computers to Google’s streaming dongle. Apps were quick to add Chromecast support, so this strategy offered plenty of choice  and some appreciated its simplicity But there was a learning curve involved for those who were more accustomed to traditional TV interfaces.

The switch to Android TV shouldn’t result in any lost functionality you’re able to cast content to Android TV devices just as you can with a Chromecast. More importantly, the richer Android TV experience will allow Google to better integrate other services like Google Assistant voice search to help people find something to watch That’s where the remote comes in. This sort of thing is table stakes for other streaming gadgets, but has gone ignored by Chromecast.

Aside from powering streaming players like the Nvidia Shield, Android TV is also built into many TVs from companies including Sony. Verizon, AT&T, and other TV service providers have also recently launched set-top boxes that run Android TV. Google says over 160 TV providers are now using Android TV in some fashion.

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