Google Pakistan Site & 277 Other Hacked By Turkish Group


Pakistan is hacked by Turkish hacker Group.If you go to, you will find a black page with something written in Turkish. The translation of the text, written on the website, is: “eboz.

The hackers, who called themselves ‘eboz’, replaced Google’s logo with a picture of two penguins walking up a bridge at sunset, reports The Express Tribune.
They also left a message ‘Pakistan downed’ at the bottom of the page, it said.

The site ‘’ was subsequently inaccessible to users.
According to The News Tribe, “Google is still quite about the issue why its Pakistan edition has been hacked, by whom and from where.”

TECH CRUNCH later reported that this group belongs from Turkey,not just Google they hacked more than 200 sites just to mention their security flaws.
Those sites include Apple,Yahoo.

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