Google Launches Gmail 2.0 On iOS With New Design

Google today is announcing a refreshed version of its native app on iOS devices, with the launch of Gmail 2.0.

Also included are new time-savers, including autocomplete predictions that appear when you type in the search field, and integration with Google Calendar. That is, you can now RSVP to Google Calendar invites from you mobile. Google+, of course, gets shimmied in there too, with added support for +1′ing and commenting directly on Google+ posts directly within the app.

for those having many google accounts are able to switch from one account to another they can choose between up to five Google Accounts, each with their own icon and notification flag showing unread messages.

Quality based differentiation is made in this new updated Gmail,quality of the new app compared with that in the past seems like it may be influenced by work from recent Google acquisition, Sparrow, which had previously built apps for Mac and iOS.
Here’s something odd. One Gmail user, Jason Cust, is reporting that he experienced a glitch when trying to update the Gmail app – and is seeing a message reading “the item you tried to buy is no longer available.. You can download the app here, or update your currrent version.

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