Google Defends Leaving LTE Out Of The Nexus 4

A surprising move for the industry Google smartphone player  has launched its latest handset, the Nexus 4, without support for LTE. with only HSPA+ speeds supported.

LTE subscribers are widely disputed all around the world ,according to WCIS in-forma stats their are 35 million active subscribers and 19 million are Google’s home market of U.S.Google justification is not enough to understand why they didn’t  supported for LTE.
Reasons Given by Google:
Google cannot create device that’s carrier-independent with LTE build-in. in order to build in LTE, it would have to make various custom phones on its own without financial aid from carriers.Galaxy Nexus eventually got an LTE version .Google has seemed willing to work with limited carrier access in order to provide some customers with true 4G connectivity, but this time around, at least at launch, it hasn’t.

Nexus is a flagship brand that represents the best of Android, with Google leading by example to show other hardware manufacturers what Android can be. And though partners build the hardware, Google wants direct control of the software on Nexus devices with no carrier intervention.

Rubin (manfacturing concern)said:
Two radios in a device raise cost and effect battery as well,with galaxy LTE users are not having that much good experience. Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet.”

Google says that politics surrounding LTE network control is a big problem. It would prevent Google from issuing timely updates to devices on Verizon’s CDMA LTE network, while the cost of developing different devices for GSM/HSPA LTE networks would be the big hindrance there.

For GSM / HSPA carriers, the issues are primarily economic, not access. AT&T, T-Mobile, and international carriers all uniformly allow unlocked devices to run on their GSM / HSPA networks, and AT&T says it will allow any unlocked device to access its LTE network, although the carrier can’t guarantee everything will work or that it would be able to provide technical support.

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