Good Things Do Come Back, NarMobile Gives a Special Offer

Minutes of phone talk used by Nar Mobile subscribers with Boomerang Tariff will be brought back to them

Always bringing joy to its subscribers, Nar Mobile presents once again specific features of the Boomerang tariff announced previously by the Company. Subscribers of this tariff get an opportunity to spend only 7 kopecks for in-country calls in all directions without paying any subscription fees.

The principal amenity of the Boomerang tariff is bringing back minutes of phone talk as a gift. Thus, you will be gifted 7 minutes of phone talk for all 7 minutes of your in-country calls that you used during one day. Minutes of phone talk offered as a gift can be used for in-country calls on the same day of its granting. This tariff offers also reasonable prices for other services.


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