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Global Video Analytics, VCA, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance Market – 2017-2022

Video surveillance and Anaytics 2015-2022 Market CAGR 18.2%. Granulated into 167 Submarkets

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Video surveillance, smart transportation systems, safe cities, autonomous driverless vehicles, UAVs, body police cameras, smart retail video systems and social media video streams are only some of the video feeds that users are exploiting to boost their performance. Video surveillance and video analytics are creating a closed and connected world, and will become increasingly powerful tools.

The “Video Analytics, VCA, ISR & Intelligent Video Surveillance Market – 2017-2022” report forecasts that this industry’s revenues* will grow at a 2015-2022 CAGR of 18.2%.

The rapid video analytics market growth is driven by the following factors:
– The fast proliferation of video cameras
– Technology maturity: video analytics algorithms, processors, applications and products underwent a decade of technological evolution to intelligent video processing, based on advancements in image processing, enabling automatic and semi-automatic detection and identification of signatures
– The 2015-2016 terror inflicted on Europe and MEA
– The election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, promising throughout his campaign a tough fight against Islamist extremism terror at home and abroad and to invest in law and order (e.g., “I am the law-and-order candidate”), will boost the federal U.S. Video Surveillance-related legislation and budgets.
– Safe City projects
– Price reduction of video analytic systems, driven by the falling prices of image processing DSPs and communication systems
– Improved cost-performance of new edge-based video analytic DSP technologies (e.g., Intel, Bosch & Texas Instruments VA DSPs)
– The rapidly growing “Internet of Things” applications drive the “Video Imaging of Everything” proliferation
– HD video cameras cost-performance follows Moore’s law
– High cost of human operators & high rate of overlooked events

The Video surveillance market report examines each dollar spent in the video analytics market via 4 orthogonal money trails: regional markets, vertical sectors, national markets, and revenue sources. The video analytics market report is granulated into 167 submarkets.

This landmark video surveillance market report is a resource for busy executives with commercial interests in the industry. It has been explicitly customized for decision-makers to identify business opportunities, developing video analytics technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.

Questions answered in this 3-volume 1140-page mega report include:
– What will the video surveillance market size of 167 sub-markets be in 2022?
– What are the main video surveillance vertical market trends?
– Where and what are the business opportunities?
– What are the market drivers and inhibitors?
– Who are the key vendors?
– What are the challenges to market penetration?
– What are the main technology trends?

The video surveillance market report presents in 1140 pages, 202 tables and 206 figures, analysis of 57 current and pipeline technologies and 110 leading vendors.

The report granulated into 167 submarkets, outlines for each submarket, 2015 data, 2016 estimate and projects the 2017-2022 market forecast and technologies from several perspectives, including:
– Business opportunities and challenges
– SWOT analysis
– Market analysis (e.g., market dynamics, market drivers and inhibitors)
– Vertical submarkets: Defense Sector, Critical Infrastructure Security, Transportation & Logistics, Aviation & Maritime Security, Safe Cities & Smart Cities, Border Security, Commercial & Public Buildings, Entertainment & Casinos Security, Retail – Analytics, Residential Security and other submarkets

– 49 geographical regions/countries:
North AmericaUnited StatesCanadaLatin AmericaArgentinaBrazilColombiaMexico, Rest of Latin AmericaEuropeAustriaBelgiumCzech RepublicDenmarkFranceGermanyItalyNetherlandsPolandRussiaSpainSweden, UK, Rest of Europe, MEA, IraqIsraelKuwaitSouth AfricaQatarNigeriaSaudi ArabiaTurkey, UAE, Rest of MEA, Asia PacificAustraliaChinaIndiaIndonesiaJapanMalaysiaAzerbaijanKazakhstanPakistanSingaporeSouth KoreaTaiwan, Rest of Asia Pacific

– Current and pipeline video surveillance and analytics technologies: License Plate Recognition (LPR), Cloud Video Analytics, Kalman Filters Application to Track Moving Items, Real Time Automatic Alerts Algorithms Online Video Analytics, Object Sorting and ID, Behavioral Analysis, Video Analytic Applications, Video Analytics Architecture Image Segmentation Algorithms Item Tracking, Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Algorithms, Item Identification and Recognition, IVS Based Face Recognition, Sorting Actions and Behaviors, Crowd Surveillance, Multi-Camera Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Systems, Remote Threat Identification, Distributed Sensors Remote Systems, Remote Biometric Identification, Watch Lists fused IVS, Fused VA and Biometrics, Fused Multi-modal IVS Biometric Remote People Screening, Intelligent Video Surveillance Tracking, IVS & VA based Behavioral Profiling, Tag and Track, Wireless Video Analytics, Video Content Analysis Algorithms, Automated Analysis of Video Surveillance Data, Item Detection, Gaussian Mixture Based Background Subtraction Algorithms, Background Subtraction, Item Detection Based on Single-Image Algorithms, Item Tracking Algorithms, Kalman Filtering Techniques, Region Segmentation, Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, “Splitting” Items Algorithms, Dimension Based Items Classifiers, Shape Based Item Classifiers, Event Detection Methods, Vision-Based Human Action Recognition, Derived Egomotion, Path Reconstruction Algorithms, Video Cameras Gap Mitigation Algorithms, Networked Cameras Tag and Track Algorithms, Fusion Engines, Event Description, IVS Reasoning, IVS Reporting, Smart Cameras, Pulse Video Analytics

– Companies operating in the video surveillance and video analytics market (profiles, products and contact information): 3i-MIND, 3VR, 3xLOGIC, AAI Corporation, AAM Systems, ACTi Corporation, ADT Security Services, Adaptive Imaging Technologies, Agent Video Intelligence, Aimetis, ALPHAOPEN, American Dynamics, Ampex Data Systems Corporation, Aralia System, AVCON Information Technology Co. Ltd., Avigilon Corporation, Axis, Axxon, BAE Systems Plc, Basler, BiKal, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Bosch Security Systems, Briefcam, Camero, Cernium, Churchill Navigation, CIEFFE, Cisco, Citilog, ClickIt, Cognimatics, Digital Results Group, Emza Visual Sense, Eptascape, DVTel, Exacq, GE Security, Genetec, Geovision, HASAM, Honeywell, IMINT Image Intelligence AB, IndigoVision, Intellivid, Intergraph Corporation, IntuVision Inc, ioimage, IPConfigure, IPS Intelligent Video Analytics, Ipsotek, IQinVision, ISS, ITT EchoStorm, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc, Lockheed Martin Corporation, LuxRiot, MACROSCOP, March Networks, Mate Intelligent Video Ltd., Matrix Vision, MDS, Milestone Systems A/S, Mirasys, Mobotix, MTS, National Instruments, NetPosa Technologies, Ltd., NICE Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nuuo, ObjectVideo, On-Net Surveillance Systems, PCI-SuntekTechnology Co., Ltd., Pelco, Pivot3, Pixim, Proximex, PV Labs, Raytheon Company, Salient Stills, Samsung Techwin, Sarnoff Corporation, SeeTec, Sentient, Siemens, SightLogix, Smartvue, Sony, Synectics, Synesis, Texas Instruments, Thales Group, V.A.S. GmbH, VDG Security BV, Verint, Viasys Intelligent Video Analytics, Vicon, Videalert Ltd, VideoBank, VideoIQ, VideoMining, VideoNext, Vidient, Vigilant Systems, Vi-system, WeCU Technologies Ltd, Westec, Zhejiang Dahua Technology
(*) including: video surveillance system sales, installation and aftersales revenues (i.e., service and upgrades)

The video surveillance industry report includes the following 9 appendices:
1. Appendix A: Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) Standards
2. Appendix B: Markov IVS Decision Algorithms
3. Appendix C: Global Video Security Market – 2015-2022
4. Appendix D: Covert CCTV Walk-by People Screening Technologies
5. Appendix E: CCTV Based People Screening
6. Appendix F: VCA, ISR & Video Analytics Systems and Devices Industry
7. Appendix G: VCA, ISR & Video Analytics Industry: Business Models & Strategies
8. Appendix H: U.S. National Intelligence Council 2020 Global Landscape
9. Appendix I: National Markets Background

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