Global Spending on Digital Marketing Approaches $100 Billion

Global Spending on Digital Marketing Approaches $100 Billion

According to a report, global spending on digital marketing approaches $100 billion while the same spending raised by 44 percent last year in United states and Britain to $52 billion.

According to the same report, there is an appeal of facilitating brands to target users directly instead of placing online ads through intermediaries, digital marketing, or “martech”. The direct way is to show ads via social media, search engine optimization or voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa.

In direct way, there is an issue of ‘brand safety’ which can be risked when placement of ads appear next to unsuitable online content. It has also dissatisfied marketers and encourage them to get aside from direct way of placing ads.

The study author Damian Ryan, a partner at UK accountancy firm Moore Stephens said:

Clearly marketers are seeking to build in-house strength and are set to spend more on martech to remain competitive.

He further added that:

Our research finds that this budget is coming from media spend and will have a resounding impact on the value of media-centric agencies.

The same firm found in the survey that advertisers and media consultancies in Britain and North America spent 23 percent of their budgets on martech, up from 16 percent a year ago.

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