Former Nokia Execective Sets Up Newkia to Sell Android Smartphones

 A former senior Nokia executive has set up his own mobile phone company that aims to develop Android based smartphones, and given it provocative title of “Newkia”.

Nokia’s former Asia-Pacific boss, Thomas Zilliacus told ZDNet that the company should have gone with Android originally instead of Microsoft as while the Nokia hardware is still worthy, customers are put off by the small Windows app market and general ecosystem.

Zilliacus said that he tried to buy out Nokia a year ago but was unable to raise enough funds to do so despite approaching several global sovereign wealth and equity funds. Had he been successful, he would have ditches Windows Phone and switched to Android.

Although he had a consultancy firm already, Newkia was set up on the same day that Nokia announced it was selling its handsets division to Microsoft.


“We set up Newkia literally the day Nokia sold its phone business to Microsoft. It was the day Nokia died in Finland, and the new Nokia was born in Newkia.”

The new company will however be based in Singapore, although R&D will be carried out in Finland.

The new company aims to launch its first handset within a year.

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