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Everything Everywhere receives green light for 4G

Ofcom has permitted Everything Everywhere’s bid to launch 4G mobile services from next month. It will be allowed to offer 4G mobile internet services on its current bandwidth from September 11th.

The company encompassed Orange and T-Mobile in the UK and now has made a successful application to Ofcom for the use of its existing spectrum to deliver 4G.

In a statement, Everything Everywhere described the regulator’s landmark decision as “great news” for British consumers.

“4G will drive investment, employment and innovation and we look forward to making it available later this year, delivering super-fast mobile broadband to the UK,” the firm added.

4G technology is expected to provide download speeds that are ten times quicker than the 3G network currently used on many mobile phones.

Everything Everywhere has been permitted to launch 4G services before its rivals because it has sufficient space on its existing 3G spectrum, but Ofcom’s decision has drawn strong criticism from competitors Vodafone and O2.

A spokesperson for O2 said the majority of consumers will be “excluded from the first wave of digital services”.

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