Etisalat, SAP Ink LTE Roaming Deal

Etisalat has signed an IPX peering agreement with SAP Mobile Services to deliver LTE roaming traffic to all of its mobile subsidiaries. The deal will help Etisalat companies to interconnect with SAP Mobile Services’ IPX customer community and launch LTE roaming quickly. It will also help SAP Mobile Services establish strong and steady growth in the Middle East and builds on the existing peering between SAP and Etisalat.

 ‘Launching the LTE roaming peering hub enables SAP Mobile Services to rapidly and efficiently launch peering with other operator communities across the world and deliver increased business value to mobile operators,’ said Matthew Tonkin, vice president of IPX Sales at SAP Mobile Services, adding: ‘The next twelve months will see an acceleration of LTE network deployments, with operators looking for immediate and comprehensive international coverage. Collaboration with Etisalat, currently the only Middle Eastern IPX provider, helps SAP reach the largest operator community in the region and globally.’

Abu Dhabi-based Etisalat has operations in 15 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


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