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Etisalat Misr Planning Egyptian LTE Network Rollout

­Etisalat Misr is Egypt’s third mobile network which plans to invest in LTE services. It is spending around US$500 million on network upgrades to deliver LTE services.

The company’s CEO, Saeed Al Hamli told local newspaper that the company has sent out tender documents to infrastructure suppliers and is waiting for the bids to be returned. The bids will be short-listed for the upgrade project, “parts of which have already undergone preliminary testing”.

Earlier this year the company awarded a general network expansion contract to China’s ZTE.

Etisalat Misr is owned by a consortium lead by the UAE’s Etisalat. Other partners include Egypt Post, National Bank of Egypt and Commercial International Bank.

The company was awarded its mobile license in July 2006 and had 22.1 million subscribers across its services at the end of March 2012.

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