Etisalat Digital and SonicWall to Offer Digital Security Solutions

Etisalat Digital and SonicWall to Offer Digital Security Solutions

A top networks protection services provider has partnered with Etisalat Digital. The business unit of Etisalat Group to deliver end to end digital security solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the UAE. Etisalat Digital and SonicWall to Offer Digital Security Solutions.

According to this collaboration it aims to enable Etisalat to further expand its SMB portfolio from broadband and telecom services to end to end managed services.

Etisalat Digital and SonicWall to Offer Digital Security Solutions

Etisalat Digital is now a SonicWall SecureFirst partner that offers technology solutions to more than 300,000 SMBs in the UAE. Etisalat Digital is a business division of Etisalat Group that serves 140 million subscribers across 16 countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner Said :

Partnering with Etisalat, one of the world most respected digital security leaders, ensures needed digital security solutions and services are available for SMBs across the UAE. With advanced threats growing in scale and sophistication, this union couldn’t come at a better time.

Further he added that Unfortunately, today’s threat actors don’t discriminate based on company size, region, industry or revenue, These cyber criminals are strategic in finding vulnerable organizations, including SMBs, that will yield the most return with the least amount of expense.

Senior VP, Etisalat Digital, Francisco Salcedo Said :

Etisalat works closely with SMB sector to empower them with solutions that help them transform and bring digital innovation into their business. Security is an integral element to assist SMBs to build advanced infrastructure that will support their growing business requirements and challenges.

However today’s partnership will help our SMB customers build an intelligence driven digital defence strategy that will be cost effective and protect their future business objectives.

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