Etihad Etisalat Partners with MachinesTalk

Etihad Etisalat Partners with MachinesTalk

A leading, Saudi based telecommunication operator, Etihad Etisalat signed an agreement with MachinesTalk. The company MachinesTalk is a pioneer national IoT company. We have previously seen that Mobily keeps on incorporating new services for its customers with collaboration with other companies. Etihad Etisalat Partners with MachinesTalk.

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MachinesTalk platforms, services and products grants enterprises the necessary insight to maximize efficiency and reinforce scalability. In this data driven world, IoT services are becoming basic wheels of running efficient operations. According to the agreement, Etihat Etisalat will provide different smart and innovative products like fleet and asset management. In this way the needs of government  will be satisfied. These IoT solutions will also be beneficial for private sectors.

Etihad Etisalat Partners with MachinesTalk

The strategic agreement was signed by  Ismail Alghamdi, the chief business officer and Nawaf Alshalani, Machines Talk managing director.

 Ismail Alghamdi said:

“This agreement reflects Mobily’s efforts in developing and improving business sector services in the Kingdom by collaborating with national companies to provide the latest digital and technological solutions and continue its Internet of Things innovations.

Alghamdi further shared that Etihad Etisalat ( Mobily) is ready to invest towards expansion on IoT solutions to enhance digital transformation . They plan to develop IT and Telecommunication market to achieve 2030 kingdom vision. This will indeed take time to completion.

This agreement is a step forward towards the development of country. It will open doors for Internet of Things and other services. These technology will be further provided to government and private sectors. They will be able to use this technology to achieve operational efficiency and cost reduction with additional added values to organizations.

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