Ericsson Wins Iraqi LTE Deployment Contract

Ericsson has been awarded a contract to deploy Iraq’s first TDD based LTE network in the country, on behalf of the internet and communications provider, Tishknet.

The service will be launched in the northeastern Kurdistan region.

The agreement includes the Ericsson RBS 6000 family of base stations along with the company’s Evolved Packet Core network, with Evolved Packet Gateway on the SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers.

Firia Ali, Chief Executive Officer at Tishknet said: “We have pioneered forward thinking technology in Iraq since 2011. Our customers’ needs are evolving rapidly and LTE provides them with access to innovative broadband services. The Kurdistan region is one of the country’s most active business hubs and we hope to roll out the service across other regions in the near future.”

Tishknet is a new customer to Ericsson and both companies will work together to establish a long term plan for LTE across Iraq.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

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