Ericsson Tests Low-Energy Base Station in Egypt

Ericsson says that it successfully tested Psi-Coverage, an energy-saving solution in the Vodafone Egypt Network.

In the First Field Implementation (FFI), Psi-Coverage lowered energy consumption by 40 percent as a result of reducing the amount of radios used for a 3G base station (from 3 to 1) within the network.

Tony Dolton, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Egypt, said: “Psi-Coverage proved to be successful during testing, it reduced power consumption substantially and helped in saving OPEX/CAPEX costs. We are pleased to have partnered with Ericsson yet again on this opportunity to demonstrate technology leadership.”

The Ericsson-unique solution eliminates the need for three radios in a coverage area, and instead uses one radio unit that connects three antennas together to provide coverage without the power usage that is necessary in larger cities.

The name of the solution is symbolic, as PSI in Greek has the shape of a fork with three teeth, representing the set-up of the network.

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