Ericsson, researchers embark on LTE optimization project

Ericsson in collaboration with the Australian researchers will work on a three-year project to improve the efficiency of mobile broadband.

The project is supported by grants from the Australian Research Council as well by Ericsson. The team includes professors Graham Goodwin and Rick Middleton who will develop tools and techniques based on systems theory and optimization for control and scheduling of LTE systems. The research will take place at the University of Newcastle.

Middleton said “Although LTE has been rolled out in several locations in Australia, it is more or less in experimental mode and there are issues and performance problems. To get the 100 megabits per second and much higher from these systems is a very challenging problem, particularly if there are lots of users coming on at once in the one area.” He also informed that this new project follows collaboration with Ericsson that focused on 3G.

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