Ericsson and Telstra Test LTE Video Broadcast Technologies

Australia’s Telstra says that it has completed the world’s first LTE Broadcast session on a commercial LTE network, based on equipment supplied by Ericsson.

LTE Broadcast provides the ability to send the same content simultaneously to a very large number of devices in a target area. During the demonstration, the devices received different video feeds. Additionally, the devices received a large file using the single LTE Broadcast channel.

Qualcomm Labs‘ LTE Broadcast SDK and Middleware enabled these features on the trial devices running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and integrated modem platforms.

Unique content can be delivered concurrently to a large number of subscribers, for example multiple video feeds with different angles for close-up views or replays during live sporting events. Other uses include sending updates and content to digital signage or billboards.

Consumers can also enjoy pre-loaded updates of things like software or the morning paper, so they don’t need to wait for downloads in high-traffic situations.

LTE Broadcast enhances LTE unicast delivery to ensure the most effective delivery of content to very large numbers of consumers in a particular area.

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