Entel Teams Up with Ericsson for LTE-700

Chilean cellco Entel has signed a strategic partnership deal with Ericsson for the development of its 700MHz 4G network. The project will last two years and the lower band Long Term Evolution (LTE) platform will augment Entel’s existing 2600MHz 4G network, improving coverage and service quality. LTE-700 services are expected to be launched commercially within that 24-month period though, as the regulator requires that the frequencies are put to use within 18 months of their allocation. However, due to delays caused by several legal challenges to the award of the licences, sector watchdog Subtel has yet to distribute the 700MHz authorisations, but is expected to do so within H1 2015.

Entel CEO Antonio Buchi is quoted as saying:

“This is a very important milestone, now we can truly have 4G anytime and anywhere. Our customers and users in general will enjoy faster speeds and greater and more uniform service coverage both indoors and outdoors…This deployment will enable us to be a leader in Latin America. Now we’re just waiting for the decrees to start the project.”

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