Elisa Awards LTE Rollout Contract to NSN; Launches LTE-800

Elisa Corporation Finland has selected Nokia Solutions & Networks (NSN) as the sole supplier for its Long Term Evolution (LTE) network rollout. According to a joint press release, the contract will cover a period of five years (from 2014 to 2018) and is deemed by the vendor as ‘the single largest mobile telecommunications deal in Finland’, although no financial details were disclosed. Under the contract, NSN will upgrade its efficient NetAct network management system to integrate the operator’s LTE network into the existing management framework. The vendor will implement its Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Stations that support Elisa’s network across all technologies and allow the operator to scale capacity depending on changing customer demands. In addition, the agreement covers care services, including active software support, hardware services and competence development solutions.

Further, the Finnish operator activated its first 800MHz LTE sites earlier this month and is aiming for a rapid build-out of nationwide coverage, including rural areas. Sami Komulainen, Vice President at Elisa Corporation Mobile Network Services, said:

By utilising the 800 MHz frequency band we can build an extremely fast mobile broadband network in rural areas cost-effectively and provide our customers better coverage in urban areas. High speed 4G services provide better user experience for example in video on demand services and new possibilities to distance working and video conferencing’.

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