Easypaisa Announces the Commercial Launch Of ATM Cards

Pakistan’s first and largest branchless banking service, Easypaisa has announced the commercial launch of its ATM cards throughout the country. The soft launch was performed earlier this year.

As per banking standards, Easypaisa ATM cards are highly secure and also extremely convenient for Easypaisa Mobile Account customers who are no longer required to visit an Easypaisa shop to withdraw cash every time from their Mobile Accounts. Easypaisa ATM cards work on all ATMs in the country and can be used to withdraw cash from the Mobile Account directly, at a much lower cost.

Pakistan is now one of the very few countries in the world, where any person with a CNIC can open a free bank account on his Mobile Phone in under two minutes, pick up an ATM card and link it to his account easily. Easypaisa is proud to be part of this innovation and link the existing ATM network in Pakistan to Branchless Banking. Easypaisa will continue to provide a wide range of financial services through its operations in the country, to ensure customers access fast, affordable and convenient services wherever they are.

– Omar Moeen Malik, Head of Strategy for Easypaisa, Telenor Pakistan


Mobile Account customers can pick up their ATM cards from their nearest Telenor Service Center orTameer Microfinance Bank branch. There is no paperwork required and customers can have the ATM card linked to their Mobile Account instantly by paying a one-time ATM issuance charge of Rs 200 only.

The cash withdrawal fee is Rs 25 per transaction which includes all 1-link fees and taxes. Additionally, every ATM card withdrawal will have a free SMS message sent to the customer’s mobile phone.

If a customer loses his ATM Card, he needs to simply pick up a new ATM Card and have it linked to his account again. The ATM card offering guarantees Easypaisa Mobile Account customers 24-hours/ 7 days a week cash accessibility from their nearest ATM location.

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