Dual Number SIM by WARID

Dual SIM Menu
These special SIM card comes with a very special menu “Dual SIM” under Warid Menu services for a user friendly experience of defining accounts and swift switching between them.

A facility to have two different numbers on the same SIM.

Key Features

This service is currently being offered to existing Warid postpaid subscribers who can avail:

Two existing mobile phone numbers
Retain your existing mobile phone number whilst adding a new second number.

The two numbers can be a combination of:

2 Warid postpaid numbers
1 Warid postpaid & 1 Zem prepaid number
Primary number has to be Warid postpaid i.e Warid postpaid number has to be registered prior to using this service
The Dual Number SIM Card offers two independent numbers on single 64K Power SIM card in addition to Fone Book 500.


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