Du Now to Launches Nextgen Cloud UTM Service

Du Now to Launches Nextgen Cloud UTM Service

Recently the du has now launched its Cloud Unified Threat Management (UTM) service, a next generation cyber security solution that extends organisations perimeters to all sites. Du Now to Launches Nextgen Cloud UTM Service.

Although it also provides an all in one security solution that removes the need for procuring, hosting, maintaining and managing on premises Firewalls.

Du Now to Launches Nextgen Cloud UTM Service

According to the statement that, the full service cyber security solution is designed to ensure that no threats can get close to an organisation network. The solution offers anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and web filtering capabilities to protect against cyber security threats.

Deputy CEO, ICT Solutions, Farid Faraidooni, said:

As more and more enterprises undergo digital transformation, protection against cyber-attacks amongst organisations is more important than ever. With security threats across the region increasing in sophistication and frequency, Cloud UTM gives organisations around the clock protection with the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud.

Further the du Cloud UTM security solution checks the internet traffic against security threats at wire speed using industry leading technology solutions, before it enters or leaves the customer premises. Data is securely tunnelled to du’s network based cloud UTM platform and goes through a vigorous screening process, detecting and blocking any malware, malicious links, content, threats or intrusions. This process is applied to both incoming and outbound traffic, ensuring that anything going in or out is thoroughly cleaned so networks are fully secure and protected.

Although du’s Managed Security Services provides secure environments to safeguard organisations against potential security threats and to keep their applications and services fully secure and protected. It also delivers Managed Security Services to Government Institutions, Enterprises and Small-Medium Businesses, serving some of largest and most innovative companies across the region.

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