du UAE Expands its Green Network Solutions Footprint

UAE based mobile network, Du is deploying an addition 72 base stations powered by off-grid electricity supplies. The electricity generators will be provided by Heliocentris.

Du has decided to convert all possible off-grid sites to hybrid power with the deployment of the Heliocentris’ hardware. With the continued implementation of these solutions, Du expects a yearly saving in fuel consumption of more than 3 million litres and reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 12,000 tonnes, by end of 2014.

Hatem Bamatraf, Senior Vice President, Network Development and Operations said: “The installation of Heliocentris’ solutions into our BTS sites has led to a massive improvement in our environmental impact, which is in line with our strategy to improve sustainability within our company, and to promote sustainable practices to our community.”

The Heliocentris smart hybrid solution involves deep cycling batteries and a smart Energy Manager, which cycles the site’s load between generator and batteries, thereby reducing the run time of the diesel-powered generator significantly.

The conversion project will be managed by Heliocentris Energy FZE, located in Dubai.

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