DIRBS (Device Identification, Registration & Blocking System)

DIRBS is the world’s first open source and freely downloadable software that enables Identification, Registration and Blocking of mobile devices as per country’s policies. DIRBS enables Regulators, Customs, MNOs, OEMs and Consumers to check, monitor and clean the market and networks from illegal devices.

The use of legal and quality devices provide consumers with better user experience, minimize impact to operator network resources, level the playing field for legitimate OEMs/importers and improve government revenues. In short, the DIRBS and its implementation benefit the entire mobile ecosystem in a country.


DIRBS Cycle 2

The Device Verification Subsystem (DVS) provides a platform for the public to check the basic status of an IMEI and Authorized entity(s) to verify detail of an IMEI.

Device Registration Subsystem (DRS) provides a platform for individuals and commercial importers/manufacturers to register device(s). DRS also provides an interface for regulators to review registration requests and take appropriate action.

Lost & Stolen Device Subsystem (LSDS) provides a platform for an authorized entity to register a report for lost/stolen device(s) of an affected consumer.

The Device Pairing Subsystem (DPS) provides an SMS platform for subscribers to manage their pairings. It provides a web interface for authority to generate new pairing codes and for MNOs to add IMSI information for pairs.

Secure File System(SFS) provides a secure interface for MNOs to upload device dumps for analysis and download lists to be implemented on their EIR.

DIRBS View (DV) provides a comprehensive report of the mobile devices accross all networks. It provides a dashboard for an authorized entity to understand the landscape of mobile device ecosystem in the country.


  • Access to legal devices, with warranty
  • Decreased incentives for phone thieves
  • Protection from hazardous substances (Lead, Cadium).
  • Fewer bad devices inefficiently using capacity
  • Quality connection (dropped calls, handover)
  • Quality experience (battery, camera, display)
  • Protection from malware / data protection
  • Protection from excess radiation


  • Reduce substandard device impact on network capacity, lower costs
  • Reduce churn through better experience (improve capacity, fewer drops)
  • Enables device business (white label)
  • Enables small installment plans with better controls


  • Reduced stolen devices
  • Protect Import duties, sales tax
  • Telecom policy (certification, safety)
  • Consumer protection and safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Security (cyber, criminal)
  • Intellectual property protection


  • Level playing field, fair competition
  • Prevent loss of sales
  • Copyright / trademark protection
  • Secure margins
  • Brand equity / image
  • Encourage investment