DiGi’s 3G coverage to rise to 70 percent

Dig Com Bhd is now bringing Internet access to customers, sees educating them on having the right mobile device as an important challenge.

Head of Internet and Services Praveen Rajan said DiGi has about 10 million customers, and to bring “Internet for all” places different demands, making owning the right device very crucial.

“Our big focus now is to get more and more people to use smartphones because unless you have the right device, you will never be able to use the Internet effectively,” he told Bernama.

For example, he said, the Nokia N70 model does not allow the use of applications.

As at end-2011, DiGi has 5.2 million active mobile Internet users of its 9.9 million total subscribers.

Praveen said DiGi has big bundle packages to make access easier to replace devices.

“The right pricing and packaging, and making sure customers have access to the best services and to Internet on DiGi’s network to our partners will be challenges to drive further adoption of mobile Internet.

“It’s about working with partners out there, manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, how we bundle prepaid or postpaid plans and make it affordable for customers so that they will be able to finance their devices,” he explained.

He added DiGi is working with content providers such as Google and Apple as well as local providers to bring their services to customers and to make content available according to demand and beyond.

DiGi has embarked on a transformation journey that includes modernising its network to Long Term Evolution (LTE) to cater for big data demand, and will see its 3G coverage increased to 70 per cent of the populated area by year-end from 52 per cent as at end-2011.

Source: Btimes

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