Device/Terminal Support

CACF Device Consultancy Team (C-DCT) provides support and facilitation to the industry pertaining to end user terminals. This includes resolving technical issues, operating system support, technical audit, performing test analysis on various networks/devices and offering recommendations to improve product quality. CACF also has close associations with regional mobile device eco-system players of repute and aids the OEM’s/Operators in addressing their device requirements covering all tiers.  CACF does facilitate the device eco-system players such as Operators, OEMs and Distributors to provide customized products based on market demands, in addition to the sharing information on range of devices already available.  This vast information library of cost effective broadband products includes FWTs, Mobile handsets, wireless router, USB dongles, notebooks, tablets etc. available in high quality.  CACF also has a highly qualified mobile application development team, fully equipped to support tailored solutions to meet industry demands.

In C-DCT, we perform extensive device testing from 2 perspectives

  1. Device Reviews
  2. Device Testing w.r.t:
    • Device capabilities
    • Network capabilities

For device features, from manual inspection to our sophisticated in-house mobile applications & tools, we extract all information of the devices for evaluation. The device features evaluation include;

  • Manufacturer, Brand, Models.
  • Hardware (Board, CPU, RAM, storage etc.)
  • Software details like OS & kernel version, bootloader & baseband version etc.
  • Identities e.g. IMEI & Build ID etc.
  • Battery (battery technology, level, temperature, capacity, voltage & status)
  • Sensors (all available sensors)
  • Camera
  • Supplementary features (WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, USB Host, browser & multitouch etc.)
  • Network details (Network Type e.g. 2G/3G/4G, IP address, download speed etc.)
  • All other device related parameters.

Apart from device features’ evaluation, we also conduct certain performance tests which includes but not limited to;

  • Extensive Camera testing (still photography & videos)
  • Battery life testing (battery endurance & talk time evaluation)
  • Audio Quality testing (noise level & cross talk level detection)
  • Loud speaker testing.
  • Environmental Testing (performance in extreme weather conditions)
  • Tx/Rx Signals Testing

C-DCT is equally proficient in both  Field tests & Lab tests. To check device performance with respect to Network capabilities, we follow internationally recognised standards especially those recommended by GSM Association and Qualcomm Inc. Both these organisations provides a set of guidelines for the tests that should be performed in the course of Field Test and Lab Test carried out on a Terminal Device.

Field Tests are undertaken during later phases of the terminal development against a real live deployed network (i.e. in the field) to prove of a feature or technology whereas Lab Tests are undertaken against laboratory based network components, representative of a real deployed network and usually complement Field Tests for scenarios which cannot be easily executed in a live network.

We test terminals under live & dynamic network conditions and also perform simulator tests through our partner software. Our past experience has shown that comparable results can be achieved through both tests. Moreover, Field Tests do give an additional insight into customer experience/satisfaction which has been, and will be, the main driver for performing Field Tests.

We conduct field tests in all sorts of Telecom Networks ranging from 2G (GSM/CDMA), 3G-WCDMA/EVDO to 4G LTE. Also we cover almost all dimensions of field tests including but not limiting to; testing of RF network, Network Selection & Registration, Voice & Data calls, Mobility & Handovers, Integrity & Ciphering, UICC/USIM features’ testing, Voice/Video Codecs & Modulation etc.

We also conduct some special tests for General performance monitoring, and Operation especially in areas of poor signal. We also perform field tests for special networks like Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld Terminals (DVB-H), Generic Access Network (GAN) & Global Positioning System (GPS).