Device/Terminal Support

Device and terminal support team of CACF deals with the technical issues. These issues specifically refer to as technical audit, operating system support and performance test of a device on various networks. These analysis followed by robust recommendations offers to improve the quality of the product. CACF also works in close collaboration with regional mobile eco-system players and facilitate operators as well. We are assisting them in meeting their device requirements and facilitate operators, OEMs and distributors in accessing customized products based on market demands that also includes sharing information already exists on various devices. Such information carried by various products of sound quality including FWTs, wireless router, USB dongles, Mobile handsets, notebooks and tablets. Additionally, CACF provides expert solutions to the need of mobile application development problems, ensures the best solution for your demands based on market requirements.

Our Device Consultancy Team perform test analysis of devices on various networks to produce device reviews and extensive device testing based on both device as well as network capabilities. We also evaluate device on the basis of its features. Its features include manual inspection, in-house mobile applications, tools, Manufacturer, brand, model, Hardware (Board, CPU, RAM and storage), Software (OS & Kernel version, boot loader & base band version), identities (IMEI & Build ID), Battery features including its talk time evaluation as well as its life , Sensors, Camera & its extensive testing, Supplementary features (USB host, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, browser & multi touch), Network details,  Audio VS loud speaker testing, Tx/Rx signal testing and rest of the other device related details.

CDCT is following the international guidelines recommended by Qualcomm Inc and GSM Association. These guidelines are the set of rules for field and lab tests of the device performance along with network capabilities. Initially device testing undergoes Lab testing based on laboratory network components. Lab tests usually implements with field tests for the testing of hypothetical scenarios. Field test on the other hand performs at later stages of terminal development conducted to support live network. Normally terminals are tested in both hypothetical as well as live diverse network conditions. Counterfeit test are also conducted with the help of our partner software which has shown that field test results are comparative. Such results can be achieved by applying any of the tests for the comparative analysis. CACF covers all spheres of field testing ranging from 2G (GSM/CDMA) to 4G (LTE), from testing of RF network to integrity & Ciphering, from UICC/USIM feature’s testing to Voice/Video Codecs & Modulation.