Device Ranking Portal (DRP)

DRP is a web tool that has been developed to simplify and efficiently manage device procurement, track technical, network, compliance, and test device features. It also allows structured and objective ranging of the device based on configurable assessment criteria and builds a comprehensive mobile device repository.


DRP enables regulators, MNOs and distributors  to rate a specified mobile device based on several technical and commercial factors (e.g. device brand, device features, marketing support, after-sales support, etc.). Customized DRP as client requirement can be used by any entity evaluating devices for type approval and procurement, such as regulators, mobile operators, retailers or distributors.


The DRP is a secure system for MNOs, OEMs and retailers that helps them in making critical decisions regarding demand assessment and imports. This helps in reducing the time to select devices by providing assessment results in seconds. The service provides transparency on all device procured and the device lab test summaries enable OEMs to offer best in class devices.