Cycle 14

Cycle 14 has landed at Plan9 HQ

Yet again, Launchpad has brought together amazing 14 tech startups from Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Gujranwala. Plan9 is Punjab Information Technology Board’s (PITB) run technology incubator that continue making a dent in entrepreneurial space.

Cycle 14 has landed at Plan9 HQ

With every Launchpad passing the competition is getting intense, the quality better and entrepreneurial spirits high. We at Plan9 believe that Pakistan is going towards making a major contribution to the startup ecosystem in the coming years. Every six months, we receive hundreds of applications, shortlist them to 110 for the final spots. The selection is not biased and equal opportunity is given to every individual who meets the criteria. Launchpad moreover consists of activities ranging from workshops, talk sessions, training as well as games to cater to all kinds of entrepreneurs. Here are the list and details of startups that are currently incubated at Plan9 Arfa Software Technology Park.

1. Al-Tizam CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)Al-Tizam CBM

They are developing a product to make the data collection & analysis of industrial Machinery easier than ever through mobile applications and Business Intelligence tools. Altizam is overruling the expensive Distributed Control System (DCS) systems with an innovative solution for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and has developed a new product for the Paperless log-book of CBM inspections. It’s easier to monitor the performance of both machines and inspectors and also engage Production-Operators by assigning them routine checks through a mobile application.

2. AABSHAR – Do not be a Waster. Let’s be a Saver.AABSHAR

AABSHAR is a hardware startup with a goal of saving water. Their product, ‘water optimizer’ features include various modes, i.e. mist mode that saves 98% water, multiple stream mode saves 85% water and narrow mist mode saves 98% water. This can be used for domestic and commercial use and overall resulting in reducing electricity.

3. BeFreezeBeFreeze

BFreeze aims to revolutionize the Air Conditioning industry by introducing a Desiccant based Air Conditioner capable of reducing the electric bills by 3 times. The best part of this technology is that it does not require the very common refrigerants contributing to the loss of the ozone layer and provides you with clean water extracted from the atmosphere. The team has already tested an initial prototype and is currently developing a Beta model which they aim to complete by February and bring to the market by the coming Summer 2020.

4. CashbinCashbin

Cashbin is promoting recycling in Pakistan by turning trash into cash & making waste management process more efficient easier and profitable for everyone through our segregated bins which is managed by our mobile application. They have dedicated teams who will come to your doorstep twice a week or on your push notification when your bin is full to collect your trash & payback in two different mods one is in physical cash or second is in digital mod in shape of points you can redeem them on different brands to avail discounts on their multiple products. As money is the best motivator for a human being that’s why they say “Turn your Trash into Cash”.

5. DesignwithAIDesignwithAI

Automating Design with Artificial Intelligence. The startup is going to introduce many features related to design like, logos, brand identity, unique icons, gradients, and caricatures, in short with AI sky is the limit. The layout of the website and process of logo design is very simple and it also gives you post-editing options and branding.


Mabrook is an Artificial Intelligence Gift recommendation engine and also includes custom orders, complimentary gift wrapping, and exemplary customer service are just a few of the reasons why Mabrook is an innovative idea. All of these are packed and shipped in a gift box for special occasions. With a gift recommendation engine, the website will take the information on four things, gender, occasion, age group, and price range. It will then choose the best-fit gift for the recipient.

7. Deutics Deutics

Deutics is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Company providing automated log maintaining of employees through AI-based Monitoring and Tracking by Image Processing, Video Analysis, and Data Segmentation. They are working towards making the service better and providing its services to companies from all over the world.


Hostinn is a website and mobile App from which one can search hostels online in any area of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. The list of hostels and complete details of any hostel with pictures of rooms are available. One can schedule a visit in one click. The top priority is to provide a healthy environment and security to everyone from students and employees from other cities.

9. Learning with Earning (LWE)Learning with Earning

Learning with Earning (LWE) aims to provide quality digital freelancing education throughout Pakistan with online and offline training with the help of Pakistan top rated mentors. They have given more than 1000 training to more than 18000 students till date. It allows people to have hands on to the highest quality of online courses from renowned trainers. People from almost 38 cities have enrolled and they are scaling to more cities.

10. Screen-IT  Screen-IT

Screen-IT is a location-based Dynamic Digital Out of Home (DD-OOH) Advertising platform. They provide advertisers the perfect opportunity to reach their consumers near the point of purchase. Screen-IT can strategically place the message in front of millions of shoppers around malls, high traffic venues and events giving you the chance to reach a highly captive audience.

11. ScaryAmmiScaryAmmi

Scaryammi is Pakistan’s first-ever parenting blog with more than 40,000 Ammis on Facebook. This group is to support and connect mothers across Pakistan. It’s a safe space for mothers to share whatever is on their minds. They are currently working on their eCommerce website for mothers and children.

12. BikeUpBikeUp

Bikeup is offering a platform to sell and buy a bike in just 15 minutes. They are providing a platform for buyers and sellers exclusively for the motorbikes. They give you features like buyers and seller inspection, motorbike inspection, competitive prices, expert opinion and report on the condition. BikeUp has no hidden charges. Bikeup not only provides the best service but also take full responsibility and guarantee that the bike in accordance with the bike report. Bike owners can now easily sell their bikes through our secure, convenient, and hassle-free process.


Sukoon is a health-tech startup that aims to revolutionize mental care for those that need it the most. It provides various online therapy services based on text, audio or video.  Sukoon is providing unique experiences for each user while upholding the highest standards of privacy and ensuring that mental assistance is personalized and tailored to your exact needs. They’ll make online therapy cheap and accessible. In the future, it will also be integrating an artificial intelligence-based system that will cater to the mental needs of the clients.
کیونکہ آپ کی خوشی ، ہے ہم سب کا سکون

14. AydaWiz  AydaWiz

AydaWiz is a health-tech startup, working on the hardware device that will aid deaf-mute and assist them in listening and hearing in real-time. This device helps sound conversion into vibration which being a target on cochlea through bone conduction technology. They are currently working on the software that will convert sign language into sound through machine learning. It’s an Aid for Deaf-Mute which assists them in listening and hearing in Real-time. The solution provides complete assistance that is viable for both deafness and muteness with which you don’t need to undergo surgery and is low-cost Aid for mute.

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