Cosmote Romania to launch 4G/LTE in 2013

Cosmote Romania will launch 4G/LTE in 2013 under the license it purchased during the country’s largest spectrum auction which took place in September. Cosmote Romania CEO Stefanos Theocharoupoulo said that the company has just finalized the works that enable it to offer LTE services.

In the spectrum auction conducted by telecom regulator Ancom, OTE subsidiary Cosmote won one block in the 800 MHz band, two blocks in the 900 MHz band, five blocks in the 1800 MHz band and two blocks in the 2600 MHz (FDD) band, valid from 2014 through 2029, for an amount of EUR 179.88 million. Cosmote thus renewed its rights over the spectrum portfolio previously held and increased its holdings by 58 percent.

Vodafone Romania earlier announced it will launch LTE in the beginning of 2013, while Orange Romania said it will launch LTE by end of 2012.

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