Cosmote launches first LTE network in Greece

COSMOTE is preparing to launch a pilot broadband LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, paving the way for 4G networks and has filed a relevant licensing request for pilot tests to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

LTE networks offer downlink speeds of 100 Mbps and uplink speeds of 45Mbps. Speeds like these, comparable only to those offered by optic fiber networks, will allow consumers to enjoy seamless access to services such as High Definition streaming and High Definition video-conferencing, ultra-fast browsing and file sharing etc. For example, users will be able to download a full HD movie in 2-3 minutes.

Through LTE networks, customer experience will be significantly enhanced even in comparison with HSPA and HSPA+ networks, since users will enjoy much higher speeds and access to cutting edge applications.

One of the biggest LTE network advantages is its capacity to operate in multiple frequency bands, offering high-quality coverage at an optimum cost in remote areas, contributing significantly to broadband penetration expansion.

Up to day, very few operators worldwide have developed similar networks, placing COSMOTE at the forefront of technological development.

COSMOTE intends to launch the pilot LTE network in the Marousi and Chalandri areas (wider Athens area), at its technical & network headquarters locations.

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