Corning Unveils World’s First Antimicrobial Glass for Smartphones

With increasing use of touchscreens on smartphones comes the potential problem of germs being spread by touch. Antibacterial wipes, foams, sprays, and films exist today, but they are temporary, and many device manufacturers advise against them, so Corning says that it has developed an antimicrobial cover glass.

The glass is formulated with an antibacterial agent, ionic silver, which is incorporated into the glass surface for sustained activity without affecting viewbility.

Corning’s Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass inhibits the growth of algae, mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria because of its built-in antimicrobial property, which is intrinsic to the glass and effective for the lifetime of a device,”

 -James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Specialty Materials

Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass is being tested with numerous manufacturers for various applications, and high-volume production capability has been demonstrated.

Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass is formulated to help keep touch surfaces clean of bacteria and microbes. Antimicrobial protection is limited to the product itself, and the company won’t make any direct or implied health claims about the antimicrobial properties of the product.


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