CommProve Wins Brazilian LTE Network Monitoring Contract

Mobile network monitoring software vendor, CommProve has announced the winning of an LTE network monitoring expansion contract in South America with TIM Brasil worth US$1.2 million.

As part of the deployment, TIM Brasil is deploying CommProve’s performance management platform, CommProve GSP, in its network. GSP captures statistical counters from across the monitored network and will then provide TIM with the aggregated information in a powerful data set for network management and optimization.

“We want to be able to provide to our customers a very good data service both on 4G and HSDPA+ so that they don’t need to worry about technology layers and commercial offers as our 4G service is at the same price as our 3G service. Not only for professional but for every kind of usage, the quality of the mobile data connection is a key factor for people that are demanding the same kind of experience they have as with fixed broadband,” said Carlo Filangieri, CTO of TIM Brasil. “We need to strictly control the performance of our service; this is why we are extending CommProve’s monitoring technology to our new 4G network.”

The company had already provided services to monitor the mobile network operator’s 3G network.


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