Cisco to Introduce Smart City Initiative in Riyadh

Cisco to Introduce Smart City Initiative in Riyadh

A smart city initiative piloted for nine months by networking company Cisco. This initiative is a part of the Saudi government digital transformation plans. Additionally, it will be inaugurate in the coming weeks. Cisco to Introduce Smart City Initiative in Riyadh

Furthermore, networking company Cisco rolled out many such initiatives by working with Saudi government. According to Cisco executives, this iss being tested in Olaya. Moreover, it will further extend to neighborhoods after its progress.

Haytham Al-Ohali, Cisco’s managing director in Saudi Arabia, said:

The district iss currently set with smart parking, lighting, cleaning services, and network of sensors for a more sustainable way of living.

Cisco to Introduce Smart City Initiative in Riyadh

According to Cisco, this initiative can be extend to other small and large cities where there iss shortage of teachers in certain schools.

Basel Tashkandi, project development manager at Cisco, said:

In some schools located in remote areas, there’s a shortage of teachers to fill for certain subjects. Virtual learning allows access to teachers across the kingdom.

Furthermore, on healthcare, pilot testing telemedicine was launch across remote hospitals. Although, such initiatives has been taken in different countries, but it is the first time for Saudi Arabia to implement digital transformation.

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