Chunghwa Telecom To Deploy Small Cells To Ensure Strong 4G Coverage At Launch

Taiwanese multi-service operator Chunghwa Telecom has outlined plans to deploy additional small cell base stations with a view to ensuring expansive coverage when it rolls out commercial 4G services, expected next year. According to DigiTimes, which cites the telco’s president Shih Mu-piao, the small cells have coverage range of between ten meters and 1-2km, and will be installed in outdoor locations such as on street lights. ‘Coverage is absolutely the most important thing at the beginning, and we have seen a trend of adopting smaller base stations,’ the executive was quoted as saying, adding: ‘We can put regular base stations in certain locations and make them work in accordance with small cells … They can help decrease bad-reception areas in our 4G network while increasing the capacity of our 4G system.’

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