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Chrome Finally Looking For Ways to Stop Back Button Hijacking

Have you ever been to a website where the back button just doesn’t work? In these instances, you press “back” to go back but instead you just end up at the same page where you started. Google chrome now plans to stop these kind of website schemes with a lockdown on “history manipulation” by websites. Chrome Finally Looking For Ways to Stop Back Button Hijacking.

Chrome may stop websites from back button hijacking

Chrome would search for endeavors to control your program history and would flag or skip entries that you didn’t explicitly ask for. Recently, history manipulation has been getting more attention from both users and Google. The unfortunate reason for this is that websites are abusing users’ trust in the back button by maliciously inserting ads into the tab history.

Lately, Chrome has been implementing features to protect users from shady behavior on the web, such as warning users when they might possibly fall into a phone billing subscription scam, and shaming websites that aren’t using HTTPS.

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