China’s BOE Sets up EMEA base in Dubai

China’s BOE Sets up EMEA base in Dubai

BOE technology group, a supplier of Internet of Things technologies, products and services has opened its Middle East subsidiary in Dubai, UAE. China’s BOE Sets up EMEA base in Dubai.

The purpose of BOE setup in Middle East is to bring its most advanced premium and cutting edge technologies and products to the Middle East market. As to better serve the customers and consumers in the region.

China’s BOE Sets up EMEA base in Dubai

BOE has enhanced its international presence Set up and subsidiaries in such countries. As the US, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, India and Brazil. With its service system covering major regions of the world including Europe, America and Asia in the first half of 2017.

According to study it presents latest TFT LCD and AMOLED display technologies. As well as its innovative products and integrated solutions in the field of smart systems. Its two major proprietary technologies namely ADSDS super hard panel technology and BV3 technology. Which could achieve wide viewing angle and ultra low power consumption while ensuring an 8K high definition image quality.

However in the world first digital art gallery, BOE iGallery with its extraordinary image quality and strong interactive function shows the charm of technology art combination in the IoT era. In addition, BOE also presented a series of IoT innovative application products. Such as VR, vehicle mounted display, transparent display and mirror display.

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