China Mobile Installs a LTE Base Station on Mount Everest

China Mobile has deployed an LTE base station atop Mount Everest, 5,200 meters above sea level. The base station was supplied by Huawei.

At a ceremony marking the launch of the service, China Mobile demonstrated a series of new 4G technologies to more than 200 guests including live HD video streaming from a Mount Everest base camp to the event venue. Huawei has already delivered 4G solutions to other parts of the region including EPC, integrated equipment rooms, BTS, microwave transmission and 4G devices.


In 2007, Huawei worked with China Mobile and others to realize GSM coverage on Mount Everest to prepare for a leg of the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay. Huawei’s GSM base stations at the Mount Everest base camp have operated ever since and continue to provide visitors with mobile services.

David Wang, President of Huawei Wireless Networks, said: “Bringing 4G to Mount Everest marks an important milestone in global LTE TDD development. We are very excited to make this possible, and look forward to working with more operators worldwide to bring high-speed mobile broadband services anytime and anywhere.”

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