China Mobile HK launches cross-network mobile TV service

China Mobile Hong Kong Co Ltd, the only mobile TV operator in Hong Kong, launched its first mobile TV service “UTV” on Monday in Hong Kong, which includes both free and paid content for Hong Kong users.

Initially, UTV will offer a total of eight channels, including two free channels; the paid package costs HK$58 monthly.

UTV is a cross-network multi-platform service which users can subscribe to and watch television programs through Android smartphones, iPhone and TV dongles (wireless adapters), tablets, computers and TV boxes (Internet connection device for TV).
Lee said that China Mobile Hong Kong is actively discussing with its partners about launching more channels on UTV in the future, but there is no timetable at the moment.

He refused to disclose the total investment for UTV as well as the estimated number of customers, but he believes that people in Hong Kong will be interested by the service as the TV programs can be enjoyed through various devices.
Currently, the company has no advertising revenue from UTV, Lee added.

But he stressed that the smartphones have entered into a “video era”, which means that watching videos and TV programs on mobile phone is a clear trend.
“Backed by the large number of 3G and 4G smartphone users in Hong Kong, the launch of UTV is favorable to the company’s overall business.”

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