China Is Investing $57 Billion Into The Pakistan

China Is Investing $57 Billion Into The Pakistan

A businessman from Chongqing in southwest china, Zhang Yang is searching online forums for fellow stout hearted entrepreneurs willing to caste aside security cocnerns and join on him a scouting mission to Pakistan. China Is Investing $57 Billion Into The Pakistan.

Zhang, 48, is one of the growing number of Chinese pioneers sensing an opportunity across the Himalayas in the Pakistan. Where the Beijing has pledged to spend $57 billion on infrastructure projects as part of its belt and road initiative.

China Is Investing $57 Billion Into The Pakistan

This second wave of Chinese arrivals are following in the wake of workers on Belt and Road projects. Some are opening restaurants and language schools. While the others are working out that what products they could sell to a market of 208 million people.

Pakistan development is behind China, So it will hold better opportunities compared to the home.

Beijing’s infrastructure splurge has helped revive Pakistan sputtering economy. And deepening ties between the two nations have turned Pakistan into a key cog in China’s grand plan to build a modern day Silk Road of land.

However the first phase of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), as the Pakistan leg of this new Silk Road is called, concentrated on infrastructure projects, the second part will focus on setting up special economic zones and integrating Chinese firms into the local economy to help for Pakistan develop and its industries ranging from mining to agriculture.

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