US Tier 1 operator taps Celcite Cops for LTE services

Celcite management Solutions is a automatic optimization tool and service provider for mobile networks. It has
completed the LTE RF Optimisation services programme for a Tier 1 operator in North America.

Celcite has used Cops platform for LTE and its Centralised Maintenance and Optimisation Centre (CMOC) for
managed services.

Celcite is working with three US operators. Cops for LTE is the optimisation product for ensuring that GMS, UMTS
and LTE technologies work optimally together. It features automatic intelligent correlation (AIC), performance
management, configuration management, and advanced analysis functions.

Cops played a crucial role in discovering the root cause analysis, providing recommendations for improving degraded
sites or areas (using Cops-AIC), and RF shaping for LTE, utilising the RF propagation from underlying technologies.

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