Telecoms World Asia 2022

Telecoms World Asia 2022
2- 3 November 2022
Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand
Telecoms World Asia is the premier conference focused entirely on digital solutions and services for Asian Telcos and returns as a physical event to Bangkok in November 2022.
An incredible line-up of over 100 Asian c-suite telecom leaders is being curated to discuss and debate the future of telco networks, 5G roll out progress, the digitization of customer services/processes and much much more.
Connect in-person once again with 1,000+ attendees from the industry at Telecoms World Asia 2022. 100% Asian Telcos.
For more information on how you can be part of the event,


Service Virtualization Improves Applications Testing

Service Virtualization Improves Applications Testing

Anyone who is intended to develop the applications connecting to multiple microservices then creating a robust testing environment might not be easy. Let’s suppose one API you are validating is to a microservice your team developed then probably you must have devops capabilities, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure as code, and tools in order to create test data sets to enable a testing environment for this service. Well, even with these capabilities, there is a possibility that it can become costly to spin up multiple testing services when teams develop many cloud-native applications and microservices.

Service and API virtualization platforms are addressing these complexities as they create and simulate API and service endpoints. The service virtualization platform serves as the endpoints for testing downstream applications and composite services rather than spinning up a testing environment. Moreover, it also responds to a connecting application’s or service’s requests and transactions.

Service Virtualization Improves Applications Testing

For reader’s information, service virtualization emulate the behavior of specific components in heterogeneous component-based applications like API-driven applications, cloud-based applications and service-oriented architectures. With the help of service virtualization, the software development and QA/testing teams can get access to dependent system components that are needed to exercise an application that is passing under test.

Following are the highlighted benefits of service virtualization:

  1. Service virtualization is a natural extension of developing unit tests and instituting continuous testing for microservices. As part of the development process, developers or quality assurance engineers should configure endpoints in the service virtualization platform that simulate the API’s responses. All the developers can use these endpoints when building downstream apps and services.
  2. Service virtualizations can be bundled with test data sets and used to validate transactions. Once developers complete a testing scenario, they can refresh the endpoint back to the original test data set and repeat the testing as needed.
  3. When operating on a cloud, service virtualization platforms can ramp up and down capacity based on testing volume. As a result, the infrastructure can scale to handle many developers running simultaneous tests or more robust performance testing.

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Qualcomm Introduces a High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

Qualcomm Introduces a High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

Recently, Qualcomm has introduced a second-gen Snapdragon processor that is explicitly made for entry level Windows PCs and Chromebooks. The processor is named as Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 that is ARM-controlled and has a clock hindrance from 2.4 GHz to 2.55 GHz.

And like the original Snapdragon 7c, it is offering integrated LTE connectivity so you can connect to cellular networks, and Qualcomm promises it will support “multi-day battery life.”

Qualcomm Introduces a High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

The first device to rock this processor will be coming soon and in fact, Lenovo will soon be adopting this processor for their computer.

According to Qualcomm, Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 brings the leading innovations of our compute portfolio to the next generation of entry-tier and affordable devices. Laptops powered by this platform will redefine mobile computing for education users, first line workers, and everyday light consumers, enabling reliable and powerful devices that feature advanced AI, and support for multi-day battery life,” said Miguel Nunes, Senior Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to bring this next generation upgrade to our entry level platform, for the very best mobile PC experiences.”

With ARM being the next big thing in the technology world, more chipmakers are switching to this technology due to its high-end performance and power efficiency. Currently, Qualcomm is neck and neck with Apple and their all-powerful M1 chip. With Apple computers and devices being highly expensive it seems Qualcomm has the upper hand with their 7c Gen 2 processor.

Amazon Go’s cashierless tech may come to Whole Foods as soon as next year

Amazon may be looking to bring the cashierless tech found at its Go convenience stores to Whole Foods supermarkets as early as next year, the New York Post reports.

Windows 95

You can now boot a Windows 95 PC inside Minecraft and play Doom on it

If you’ve ever wanted to build a real and working Windows 95 PC inside Minecraft, now is the time. A new VM Computers mod has been created for Minecraft that allows players to order computer parts from a satellite orbiting around a Minecraft world and build a computer that actually boots Windows 95 and a variety of other operating systems.


You can now stake your claim in Apple’s $500 million iPhone slowdown settlement

The iPhone “batterygate” saga was one of the bigger controversies that Apple has ever faced. Apple’s throttling of iPhones with aging batteries prompted a class action lawsuit, and now you can register to get your chunk of the settlement that was reached earlier this year. Per MacRumors, there’s now a website where US consumers who owned an affected iPhone can go to file a claim.

Beeb voice

BBC releases its own ‘Beeb’ voice assistant in beta

The BBC’s in-house voice assistant, ‘Beeb,’ has been released in beta, allowing Windows Insiders in the UK to test the software on Windows 10, the UK broadcaster announced today.


Instagram’s cofounders built a website to track state-by-state spread of COVID-19

Using data from the Covid Tracking Project, the cofounders of Instagram created a website to track the state-by-state spread of COVID-19 in the US, Bloomberg News reported.

ConnecTechAsia 2020

ConnecTechAsia 2020 Postponed to 29 September – 1 October at Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria

Singapore, 06 March 2020 – In light of global concerns due to the on-going Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Informa Markets, organiser of ConnecTechAsia, is postponing the 2020 edition to 29 September – 1 October 2020 at the Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria.

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