CAMEL- Roaming Of Beeline Expands In Hungary

Beeline (Unitel LLC and JV Buzton) has expanded international voice roaming geography. The service of CAMEL-roaming is now available in the partner network of Telenor (Hungary).

“Our goal, both in Uzbekistan and abroad — to provide Beeline subscribers with reliable communication and access to innovative services,” — commenting on the event the technical director Unitel Denis Kotlyarenko.

I can say that we have successfully cope with this problem by providing our customers with a wide range of roaming partners by the most popular tourist and business destinations.”

CAMEL-roaming allows to use communication of Beeline at any positive balance, so without a guarantee fee of $50 and as long as the balance of subscriber reaches $0. At that money from the account will be dismissed the in real time.

CAMEL-roaming does not require the activation, as the service is automatically enabled on the phone. The service can be used by subscribers – individuals using tariff plans of prepaid system at any positive balance.

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