Bulgaria’s Max Telecom Launches LTE Service

Bulgaria’s Max Telecom has launched its LTE network, making it the first 4G service provider in the country.

The company is launching with the service being bundled with Apple products, or if the customer owns a 4G capable tablet, they can buy access for a single fee valid until the end of September.

Based on the press release from the company, there does not appear to be an option for standard smartphone users.

We start with very attractive offers for users of Apple and other 4G compatible tablets, because we would like them to be the first to test our new services and demonstrate how well the high-end technologies go together.”

-Peter Covell, CEO of Max

NSN provided the network upgrade.

The company has also announced a rebranding to drop the Telecom part of the name, and will henceforth be known simply as Max.

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