BT launches Bandwidth on Demand Service

BT launches Bandwidth on Demand Service

BT announced the launch of Bandwidth on demand. A new service that gives organisations the flexibility to right size their network in real time, improving control of their overall networking costs. BT launches Bandwidth on Demand Service.

The new feature is managed via BT online self service portal. Bandwidth flexes can be done immediately or scheduled up to one year in advance.

BT launches Bandwidth on Demand Service

According to this the Bandwidth on demand is a feature on BT IP Connect Global. BT secure and resilient wide area networking (WAN) services, which is available in 198 countries and territories.

It also meets the demand of customers who have a temporary need for extra bandwidth. Rather than over provision their network to meet peak needs. Customers can now use the new service to right size networks in line with rapidly changing business requirements.

They can also use Bandwidth on demand to increase bandwidth in real time when needed for the period they require. This gives them greater operational flexibility as well as tighter cost control.

VP of Network Services at BT, Keith Langridge, Said :

The new feature is part of our Dynamic Network Services programme, which harnesses the latest Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization technologies to deliver more flexible and efficient network solutions.

Further he said that by this programme we are bringing to life yet another great new global capability to help our customers meet their connectivity needs. However the Bandwidth on demand service can be ordered by IP Connect Global customers with BT managed network equipment on site.

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