BREEZ 2020


Continuing on the back of a successful deployment at MWC 2019, GSMA Ltd. are again partnering with ScanViS by Comba to deliver our BREEZ facial recognition access technology.


Over 50% of our attendees enrolled into BREEZ in 2019 and we anticipate over 70% enrolment for 2020.  In line with that, we have increased our capacity across all of our MWC entrances.

We have made developments to our registration system to improve the efficiency of the enrolment process as well as enhancements to the onsite experience.  Attendees who decide to enrol once they are at the venue can see our enrolment teams in badge collection and access for support… just look out for the purple jackets!

For 4YFN, we have gone a step further and have launched our first ‘badgeless’ event.  Attendees at 4YFN will be able to access the venue using only facial recognition and will not be required to collect a badge.

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