Qualcomm Introduces a High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

Qualcomm Introduces a High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

Recently, Qualcomm has introduced a second-gen Snapdragon processor that is explicitly made for entry level Windows PCs and Chromebooks. The processor is named as Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 that is ARM-controlled and has a clock hindrance from 2.4 GHz to 2.55 GHz.

And like the original Snapdragon 7c, it is offering integrated LTE connectivity so you can connect to cellular networks, and Qualcomm promises it will support “multi-day battery life.”

Qualcomm Introduces a High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

The first device to rock this processor will be coming soon and in fact, Lenovo will soon be adopting this processor for their computer.

According to Qualcomm, Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 brings the leading innovations of our compute portfolio to the next generation of entry-tier and affordable devices. Laptops powered by this platform will redefine mobile computing for education users, first line workers, and everyday light consumers, enabling reliable and powerful devices that feature advanced AI, and support for multi-day battery life,” said Miguel Nunes, Senior Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to bring this next generation upgrade to our entry level platform, for the very best mobile PC experiences.”

With ARM being the next big thing in the technology world, more chipmakers are switching to this technology due to its high-end performance and power efficiency. Currently, Qualcomm is neck and neck with Apple and their all-powerful M1 chip. With Apple computers and devices being highly expensive it seems Qualcomm has the upper hand with their 7c Gen 2 processor.
Let's Talk About MediaTek 5G Chipset: Ultra-Connected Lifestyle of Today's Gen Z

Let’s Talk About MediaTek 5G Chipset: Ultra-Connected Lifestyle of Today’s Gen Z

MediaTek has a long track record of R&D in the area of 5G connectivity and have been collaborating with 3GPP (the 5G/cellular standards consortium), to further the advancement of 5G technologies. According to MediaTek’s Rami Osman, Director of Sales and Marketing – the Middle East and Africa, Our 5G timeline boasts more than 25 industry-first technologies including collaborations with global operators, technical documents and products that are enabling MediaTek-powered devices to bring incredible experiences to consumers around the world.

The MediaTek 5G-enabled portfolio has established an ecosystem of more than 100 global 5G operators, industry partners and global brands, and continues to grow.

Let’s Talk About MediaTek 5G Chipset: Ultra-Connected Lifestyle of Today’s Gen Z

“Since the start of 5G commercialization last year, both OPPO and MediaTek have been working towards one goal, bringing flagship 5G technology to more devices in the market so that everyone can experience the power of 5G. MediaTek’s Density family of 5G chipsets brings cutting-edge, next-gen technology in the mid-range price tier, enabling OPPO smartphone to deliver ultra-connectivity through advanced 5G, imaging, gaming, and multimedia experience, such as the latest Reno5 Z 5G.” Rami Osman stated.

MediaTek Dimensity 800U brings the most comprehensive 5G features on OPPO Reno5 Z 5G to the young generation that delivers the ‘ultra-connected’ lifestyle that they seek, without skimping on the performance of everyday apps and experiences.

The MediaTek 5G UltraSave on Dimensity 800U is also delivering the world’s most power-efficient smartphone 5G modem design on OPPO Reno5 Z 5G. The chipset is made using the latest, ultra-low power TSMC 7nm production process and incorporates several power-saving technologies.

Equipped with a speedy octa-core CPU, the Dimensity 800U features two Arm Cortex-A76 ‘Big’ cores operating up to a speedy 2.4GHz. This ultra-fast peak speed benefits apps and games that need the fastest throughput, giving OPPO Reno5 Z 5G users ultra-responsive action. Dimensity 800U also empowers smartphones to deliver crisp Full HD+ resolution and ultra-fast 120Hz displays. This reduces blur, improves response time and shows notably smoother scrolling of webpages and animations

Nokia Hit “100” 5G Deals with 17 new agreements

Finnish vendor Nokia announced that it has signed 17 new 5G commercial agreements in the 3rd Qtr of 2020, just eleven short of Ericsson’s total of 111 5G deals.

Game Boy Color

This Game Boy Color is actually a portable Nintendo Wii and it’s so damn clean

Transforming classic video game consoles into on-the-go gadget gaming goodness is practically a time-honored tradition — I remember writing about Bacteria’s bulbous portable Nintendo 64 a decade ago.


Cloudflare says its Sunday morning problems were due to CenturyLink outage

Cloudflare said its Sunday morning outage affecting numerous websites was due to an IP outage by internet service provider CenturyLink. According to a tweet from CenturyLink, all affected services have been restored as of 11:15AM ET.


Google says your Chrome tabs will soon load up to 10 percent faster

Google is improving the performance of tabs in Chrome, according to a new blog post, and the changes could lead to speed gains of up to 10 percent. “When you’re checking off one task after another from your to-do list, waiting even a few seconds while your tabs load can slow you down,” Google’s Alex Ainslie wrote.

Google health

Verily, Google’s health-focused sister company, is getting into insurance

Verily Life Sciences, the health care company owned by Alphabet, is getting into insurance, the company announced today. Verily is launching a new subsidiary for the effort called Coefficient Insurance Company, which will be backed by the commercial insurance unit of Swiss Re Group.


If Google’s weather frog can wear a mask, so can you

If you check in on Google’s cute frog mascot that accompanies search results for weather in the Google app on Android, you might see that the froggy is wearing a mask, as first observed by some Reddit users over the weekend


Amazon Go’s cashierless tech may come to Whole Foods as soon as next year

Amazon may be looking to bring the cashierless tech found at its Go convenience stores to Whole Foods supermarkets as early as next year, the New York Post reports.


Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature now works with offline devices

Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature is a handy tool to help you find a lost phone. With the latest app update, Find My Mobile will now work for Galaxy devices that aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. Max Weinbach of XDA Developers spotted the feature on Saturday.

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