Why Software Release Planning is Important?

Why Software Release Planning is Important?

To avoid costly failures and achieve your organization’s desired goals, it is important to invest in a solid release management process. There is no place for half-baked releases in this ever-changing, constantly developing digital world. It is important to mention here that 75% of problems result from modifications in the software or its environment.

Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss what software release planning is, why it is so important at every stage of development, and what are the essential steps for a successful software release.

What is a Software Release Planning?

According to the ISO/IEC 20000 standard, a release is a set of one or more new or changed services or service components deployed to production as a result of one or more modifications.

Software release means that now customers can easily access the services and functions. It is worth mentioning here that release management is a business rather than a technical responsibility. This is because release planning decisions can put major effects on revenue or portfolio management business strategy. Monopoly Live Casino Show brings the iconic board game to life in an exciting and immersive online gaming experience. At, players can enjoy all the fun and excitement of Monopoly with the added thrill of live dealer gameplay.

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Why Software Release Plan is important?

The software release plan helps any organization to set and clarify goals including product goals that match the needs of both the business and target audience. Release planning is the time when the development team evaluates the required workload.

Software Release Plan helps you to complete the general list of features and makes it convenient for any company to decide when each of them should be released. One thing that is important to mention here is that your plan should take into account the time and budget aspects of the product development process.

Types of Releases

There are three types of software releases in release management

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Emergency.

These different types of software releases help any company to manage how it can update and maintain its software better.

In major software releases, we make changes to existing features or additions of entirely new features to the software. Most of them fix problems from the previous software version. While Minor Software Releases include minor bug fixes and make improvements. In order to provide large-scale point updates, such improvements and issues are typically installed on top of major releases. On the other hand, emergency includes bug fixing. It also resolves the issues in software applications that slow down their performance.

5 Critical Stages for the Right Organization & Implementation of a Successful Software Release:

There are five stages of a successful software release that include Planning, building, testing, preparing, and deploying. Each stage is critical for a successful software release.

Planning is the first stage which includes writing a business case and building a work breakdown structure to match the project dependencies.

The second step is to start building the software where the goals should be assigned to stakeholders, and information about the project should already be clear.

The third stage is the critical one and that is testing which is essential to ensure the product works correctly and is ready to run.

The fourth stage is preparing. At this stage, your team should complete the required changes and functionality optimizations. It is important to check here that each piece of software is working properly and is ready to run.

The final step in releasing software is Deployment. It is the process of bringing the original idea of the software to life. Which means bringing functionality into the real world.

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HEC Encourages Universities to Avail Qualcomm University Free 5G Training Program

HEC Encourages Universities to Avail Qualcomm University Free 5G Training Program

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan strives to overcome the gap between industry and academia to produce skilled work force in the market. Therefore, HEC has over the past few years approached industry partners to contribute to the development of industry led programs. In this regard HEC has initiated a program in collaboration with Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) and Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) to deliver free 5G training program for the university’s students.

5G revolution is opening doors to new ways of improving public safety. Reliable, super-fast speeds, massive bandwidth, and low latency would greatly aid public safety officials in doing their jobs more efficiently. But it is not possible to get the full advantage of 5G technology without attaining in-depth knowledge of it.

HEC Encourages Universities to Avail Qualcomm University Free 5G Training Program

Dr. Shaista Sohail (Executive Director) HEC who initiated this venture has earlier held meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry with Central Asian Cellular Forum that was attended by HEC members, Industry scientists and Academia persons (from different universities).  The objective of the meeting was to reduce the gap between industry and academia explained by Dr. Shaista Sohail.  She further said due to the dearth of collaborations between industry and academia, it has been observed that students are losing chances to avail all the great available opportunities in the market as they lack the required skill set. Moreover, it has also been noticed that the faculty of most universities is highly qualified but due to limited or no exposure to the current industry trends, they are unable to cover the practical details that can assist the students to attain essential skill set as demanded by the industry. The faculty focuses more on theoretical aspects and due to that, universities deliver less skilled workforce who is unable to match industry requirements and trends-she explained.

Realizing the fact that 5G technology is expanding rapidly across the globe and there is huge requirement of 5G enabled Wireless Engineers and Technicians, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has joined hands with Central Asian Cellular Forum in collaboration with Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) and has issued letter to all universities in Pakistan for taking advantage of the 5G courses being offered by Qualcomm Wireless Academy. In the letter HEC requested the universities to enroll their students in 5G training program for professional development and to meet the industry’s requirement. Upon completion of the respective courses, students will receive Qualcomm branded certificates of completion. QWA is also offering more advanced 5G trainings at a discounted price.

The opportunity is open for both undergraduate and graduate students at universities. 5G technology Training program is prepared and delivered by QWA technology experts. The HEC Executive Director expressed the hope that the free 5G training program from QWA will help to develop the great understanding of 5G technology and will enable students in Pakistan to enhance their skills according to industry standards.

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Sarhad University Appreciates QWA's Free 5G Training Program For Students

Sarhad University Appreciates QWA’s Free 5G Training Program For Students

Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology appreciates Free 5G training for university’s students – an initiative taken by Qualcomm Wireless Academy. The Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) has teamed up with the Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) to offer free 5G training to university students across Central Asia. Recently, the students of Electrical Department of Sarhad University have received the free 5G training program offered by QWA. The university’s management and students encouraged the program and shared their positive feedback with the team of CACF in an email.

According to Engr Iqbal Khalil, (Assistant professor/Academic Coordinator at Electrical Engineering Department-Sarhad University) “The  Qualcomm Wireless Academy has provided the access of  three  5G Courses  under the Umbrella of  QWA University Initiative Training for students. As this is Free high-end  training for students and they have  accessed hundreds of Dollars – Worth  Quality educational contents and training for free.”

Sarhad University Appreciates QWA’s Free 5G Training Program For Students

He further stated that “The Electrical Engineering Department of Sarhad university has Adopted Outcome Based Education (OBE) system. So one of its criteria is Academia-Industry linkages. Therefore Working together with SUIT, QWA and  Central Asian Cellular Forum is the best example of Academia-Industry linkages.”

“The 5G training provides  innovative knowledge, technical skillset and responsible professional attitude to enabling the global mobility of the students. Students participation in such Industrial training outside their Scheme of studies  helps to broaden their horizon and provides a platform to benchmark with the university teaching methodology.”

“Furthermore the training and access to contents by Qualcomm Representatives and Coordination of  Central Asian Cellular Forum was Highly professional and smooth. The Electrical Department of Sarhad University will be looking forward to 5G free courses to have access for the students Annually.” said Engr Iqbal Khalil.

For readers, information, by taking part in this initiative, students of all levels will receive a valuable professional development opportunity in a dynamic and growing industry.

About Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology:

Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology (SUIT), Peshawar, is a renowned name in the educational circles of Pakistan and abroad. It was established in 2001 through an Ordinance of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Since its inception, the University has made commendable achievements in disseminating quality education and, in a short span of time; it has become a leading institution of higher education in Pakistan.

The University offers a wide range of programs from bachelor to doctoral level. These programs are executed through highly qualified and professionally groomed faculty holding PhD degrees from renowned institutions of Pakistan and abroad.

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AI Needs to Regulate in Health Care Industry

AI Needs to Regulate in Health Care: Policy Experts

There is a dire need to implement the policies in order to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across every sector of the health care industry. It was highlighted by Brian Scarpelli (the senior global policy counsel for the Connected Health Initiative) and Sebastian Holst (principal with Qi-fense, a consulting group that works in AI and ML) during their presentation titled “A modest proposal for AI regulation in healthcare,” held during the HIMSS22 Global Health Conference in Orlando.

According Scarpelli and Holst, “ML properties do more than challenge domain-specific applications of technology. Many of these properties will force an evaluation and retooling of core manufacturing, quality, and risk frameworks that have effectively served as the foundation of today’s industry-specific regulations and policies.”

AI Needs to Regulate in Health Care Industry


AI Needs to Regulate:

As AI is becoming frequent buzz phrase in today’s fast-faced world, so there is a need to address the potential legal and ethical challenges. According to Tania M. Martin-Mercado, MS, MPH, a clinical researcher who presented on “How implicit bias affects AI in healthcare, ”One of the major themes of the HIMSS22 conference has been the challenge of achieving health equity and eliminating implicit bias. That’s one of the major challenges of AI as well since AI solutions can be biased. Many sessions focused on how diverse teams are needed when creating AI solutions to ensure that the programs don’t carry the same biases as society, which could exacerbate current social problems.” During the presentation, she pointed to an example of “an online tool that estimates risk of breast cancer calculates a lower risk for Black or Latinx women than White even when every other risk factor is identical.”

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Scarpelli highlighted the vision for successful AI should follow four principals such as to enhance access to health care, empower patients to manage their own health, strengthen the relationship patients have with their health care teams and reduce administrative and cognitive burdens for both physicians and patients.

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React 18 is Now Live on NPM

React 18 is Now Live on NPM

React 18 is now available on npm which is the latest major version. This new version comes with improvements including automatic batching, new APIs like startTransition, and streaming server-side rendering with support for Suspense.

In React 18, most of the features are built on top of the new concurrent renderer, a behind-the-scenes change unlocking powerful new capabilities. Concurrent React is opt-in — it’s only enabled when you use a concurrent feature. Which will have a big impact on the applications building methods.

React 18 is Now Live on NPM

“We’ve spent years researching and developing support for concurrency in React, and we’ve taken extra care to provide a gradual adoption path for existing users. Last summer, we formed the React 18 Working Group to gather feedback from experts in the community and ensure a smooth upgrade experience for the entire React ecosystem.: according to React official page’s blog.

Users can upgrade to React 18 with minimal or no changes to their application code, with a level of effort comparable to a typical major React release. Based on the previous experience converting several apps to React 18, many users might be able to upgrade within a single afternoon.

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It is essential to mention here that the React 18- concurrency is true blessing for application developers, but may be a bit more complicated for library maintainers. concurrency is a new behind-the-scenes mechanism that enables React to prepare multiple versions of their UI at the same time

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Qualcomm to Introduce the Strongest Snapdragon 7 Chip Series Soon

Qualcomm to Introduce the Strongest Snapdragon 7 Chip Series Soon

Every one is talking about the upcoming new top-end chip from Qualcomm – Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus that is expected to come in May. Now, the rumors are in the air that the company is also getting ready to  introduce the latest Snapdragon 7 series chip. This will be the successor to the Snapdragon 778G. It is to be expected that this chip series will be more powerful than all other platforms in this line. The cores inside the processor will be grouped into three clusters “super-performing core + large cores + small core”.

This latest processor will compete with the Dimensity 8000/8100. The first devices with a new chip from the Snapdragon 7 series will be available in the second half of this year. The chip will provide behind-the-scenes access, premium experiences and extra perks to the users.

Qualcomm to Introduce the Strongest Snapdragon 7 Chip Series Soon

According to Qualcomm:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series mobile platforms support in-demand premium features, such as the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) and advanced camera features, to high- and ultra-high tier for smartphones and other form factors.

Moreover, Qualcomm is planning to introduce Snapdragon 7 Chip Series alongside the upcoming new top-end chip from Qualcomm – Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus.

Recently, the company has also introduced a processor chip, the QCS7230, to penetrate the IoTaaS (IoT as a Service) market for smart cameras.

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Qualcomm & ESL Gaming Join Hands to Launch Snapdragon Pro Esports Series

Qualcomm & ESL Gaming Join Hands to Launch Snapdragon Pro Esports Series

As mobile gaming is getting more famous among the people across the globe, Qualcomm and ESL Gaming have signed a multi-year agreement for Snapdragon Pro Series.  Both companies have forged a partnership to come up with a mobile gaming league. According to the agreement, processor company Qualcomm and Esports tournament organizer ESL Gaming to provide accessible and high-quality mobile esports experiences for both new and veteran competitors.

The mobile gaming league will have three tiers of competition- Open, Challenge and Masters. The league will have around $2 million in prize money at stake. The Snapdragon Pro Series will have tournaments in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, China, North Africa and Asia-Pacific. It will launch a premier global, multi-genre mobile esports competition, culminating in an epic live Masters final event. The competitions will leverage premium-tier Snapdragon-powered devices using “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” optimizations.

Qualcomm & ESL Gaming Join Hands to Launch Snapdragon Pro Esports Series

The Qualcomm blog stated that “This game-changing event concept leverages premium-tier Snapdragon powered devices which are packed with Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology to untether the players and create a breakthrough experience. The distinguished arsenal of Snapdragon Elite Gaming delivers premium, mobile-first features and enhancements including advanced game optimizations, ultra-realistic graphics, and lightning connectivity and performance speeds to help competitors harness the power of desktop-level gaming to transform the phone into a premium gaming machine.”

Rodrigo Samwell, CCO at ESL Gaming said, “The rapid rise of mobile esports is well-documented, and we’re incredibly proud of the role ESL has played in that to date. “Our new collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and its Snapdragon brand will elevate our mobile ecosystem to its fullest potential. We’re excited to transform the future of mobile esports for players and fans around the world, continuing to create a world where everybody can be somebody.”

For readers’ information, ESL Gaming is the world’s largest esports and gaming lifestyle company. Since 1994, the company has been shaping the industry and leading esports and gaming innovation on a global scale across the most popular video games with several online and offline esports competitions, and through premier gaming lifestyle festivals.

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Cristiano R. Amon

Qualcomm is Shaping the Future of Connectivity & Computing: Amon

Cristiano R. Amon- President and CEO of Qualcomm made several announcements at Qualcomm press conference which he also shared on his official Twitter account. In his tweets, he highlighted the major achievement of the company and announced how Qualcomm is shaping the future of connectivity, computing and more. According to Amon, Qualcomm’s one technology roadmap and ecosystem creating abilities are making an intelligently connected world possible. The company is doing this by being the tech partner of choice across industries. He also thanked the partners and Qualcomm team for making the event possible. 

During the conference, he announced that Qualcomm will be working with Mavenir and Rakuten Symphony to develop next-gen 5G DUs and RUs with massive MIMO for Open RAN 5G deployments which will enable the deployment of cloud-native, virtualized, and open 5G networks at scale. 

Qualcomm is Shaping the Future of Connectivity, Computing & More: Amon

Cristiano R. Amon also announced that “alongside our partner HPE , we’ve developed the first fully optimized virtual DU solution for next-gen 5G deployments, which enables up to 60 percent lower operator TCO — a true game changer for operators.”

He further said that the company has expanded the broad Collab with Microsoft in order to deliver an end-to-end chip to cloud solution for deployments of private 5G enterprise networks. Combining of Microsoft Azure and Qualcomm’s 5G RAN solution will help enterprises quickly scale 5G and edge computing ambitions.

In collaboration with Fujitsu Global through docomo’s 5G OREC initiative, the company has also developed next-gen 5G mmWave integrated DU and RU for Open RAN 5G deployments.




About Cristiano R. Amon:

Cristiano R. Amon joined Qualcomm in 1995 as an engineer. In his career journey with Qualcomm, he assumed management positions in various fields. In 2018, he took a charge of the semiconductor business of the company, followed by tasks in strategic planning and integration of acquired companies. In June 2021, he secured the top position as CEO of the entire company.

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