BlackBerry Spoke to Facebook about Possible Takeover Bid

Facebook was approached by BlackBerry executives to discuss a possible takeover of the company it has emerged. The meeting took place last week, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter.

Facebook has long been rumored to want to build its own smartphone. Although its attempt to launch an Android OS overlay has been generally considered to have been a flop, the rumors that it would build an entire handset have not died out.

It’s worth remembering that Apple’s first attempt at a mobile phone tie-in with Motorola was also a flop, and that spurred the company to develop its own handset instead.

The difficulty for Facebook is that while BlackBerry’s messaging platform, BBM is hugely popular with young people — the smartphone manufacturer has already said that it will refocus its hardware side on corporate users.

A takeover of BlackBerry by Facebook would require the smartphone firm to effectively reverse its entire approach.

Facebook would however be able to massively boost the appeal of the BBM platform by linking it with its own messaging services.

BlackBerry has already agreed a deal with a private equity group to be bought for US$4.7 billion, but is still able to look around for alternative buyers.

On the web: Wall Street Journal

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