BlackBerry Reports Buoy RIM

Research in motion is punished because of delay in launching its next BlackBerrys, devices the company says will make it competitive once again with smartphone leaders.

On Monday, RIM stock rose 32 cents, or 2.74%, to $11.98 a share, in New York.

RIM said it would introduce two phones, powered by a new operating system called BlackBerry 10, on Jan. 30.RIM also showing propotype of new cell phones to the consumers and media.even devices are shipped in 50 carriers in order to check either they work properly on their networks—a critical step in any new smartphone rollout.

According to the statment of chief executive of RIM Mr: Thorsten Heins:
” carriers have embraced the new device, though so far the carriers haven’t commented publicly on their testing”.
But according to many analyst the feedback on new phone is positive.
Some are citing their own conversations with carriers. In the wake of these reviews, many are revising earlier, pessimistic forecasts that RIM will continue to bleed market share and might start seeing declines in global subscribers.

CIBC World Markets analyst Todd Coupland wrote and analyzed that these phones may help to capture market share ,RIM’s existing 80 million subscribers will upgrade to the new phones to bolster recent, flagging sales. CIBC now estimates RIM will ship 41.4 million phones in fiscal 2014, compared with 30.2 million in fiscal 2013, which ends in March.

RIM also improving relationship with different application developer,The company has given developers free prototypes of its new phones in an effort to get them to develop apps. RIM is also offering cash rewards for successful apps.

Whether these efforts will pay off won’t become clear until Blackberry 10 phones come to market next year, and RIM has a long way to go to catch up to other phone makers’ app offerings. RIM has more than 100,000 apps in its app store, compared with more than 700,000 apps for the iPhone.

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